Canal used by many boaters every year

7 January 2014

AS A resident and boater of the Erewash Canal I take exception to the totally negative tone of Mr Webber’s letter (Talkback, Issue 98, December 2013). This type of reporting is extremely detrimental and unless substantiated by others should be taken purely as one person’s observations rather than a definitive statement.

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Canals are not a dumping ground

19 December 2013.

I WOULD like to concur with Barry Chapman’s experience of the canals in his letter An unlicensed boat for every mile (Talkback, Issue 95, September).

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Star Letter: Help make this jewel accessible to all

19 December 2013.

I AM retired and disabled and only get around via a mobility scooter. I have used the Huddersfield Narrow Canal towpath from Aspley to Longroyd Bridge quite often, a very peaceful and tranquil ride as the original towpath has been tarmacked over. I have passed older walkers, mothers with prams and even wheelchair users on it. A seat near the bridge is used by people having a picnic while watching fishermen enjoying their pastime.

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Star Letter: What a shame - vandalism on the Erewash

3 December 2013.

AFTER all the years of hard work by hundreds of canal enthusiasts, the Erewash Canal is fast heading towards being a disused vandalised trench, just like so many canals in the past. How could this happen to a recovered canal?

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More thanks from a disabled boater

24 October 2013.

MANY people complain, but very few compliment. I would like to compliment and thank the great many people who helped me as a walking disabled-single hirer of a canal boat from July 30-August 19.

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Star Letter: Pat on the back for helpful cyclists

21 October 2013.

HAVING read a number of negative comments about cyclists (Talkback, Issue 96, October) I felt I should share the story of the incident when my husband and I (in the lovely August weather) had nothing but support from a number of cyclists who stopped to assist us.

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Star Letter: A highly rewarding way of life

26 September 2013.

I WAS very interested to read your article covering the 40th anniversary celebrations of Tranquil Rose by Harry Arnold (News, Issue 95, September). The article ended by pondering why all three remaining pairs of hotel boats are currently for sale, a question which needed answering and here is our reply.

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A sledgehammer to crack a nut

26 September 2013.

I SYMPATHISE with Rachel Mann (Talkback, issue 95, September), regarding the loss of wild plants and flowers along our canal towpaths.

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Vital to the survival of butterflies and bees

27 August 2013.

ON A beautiful afternoon in early June I was sitting on a quiet canal bank in Warwickshire when I heard the dreaded sound of grass cutters. When he saw me, the strimmer operator avoided and left uncut the stretch of towpath where our boat was moored, it was too hot for arguments about grass cuttings spoiling paintwork.

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Star Letter: There's always an easier way

27 August 2013.

NO MATTER how slowly I pass moored boats many swing to and fro on their loose moorings. Once a boat starts moving it exerts a considerable force on its moorings which ultimately will pull out the pins.

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