Warehouse could provide facilities for boaters

Published: 11:26AM Jun 23rd, 2011
By: Web Editor

A riverside warehouse in York would provide a great opportunity for development by the New Waterways Charity to provide facilities for boaters, according to IWA North Riding branch chairman Tony Martin. He sent the following letter to local press in response to an article that the building was likely to come back on the market.

Warehouse could provide facilities for boaters

Ripe for development: the Bonding Warehouse in York.

IT WOULD be a great idea if the New Waterways Charity (presently British Waterways) could buy the property and develop into a commercial property (small business units?), but including much needed facilities for boaters.

British Waterways could not carry out such a development on its own, however, but in partnership with the private sector, York City Council and the Regional Growth Fund.

There is a real lack of facilities for boaters in York compared to Ripon.

The people who maintain the minimal facilities in York that are next to Lendal Bridge – the public toilet block at the bottom of Museum Gardens – are to be thanked for keeping the existing facilities clean and well maintained. So our thanks to the private company Mitie and to the officers of York City Council for doing a grand job in impossible circumstances.

The Georgian pump station is being renovated, but the proposed new restaurant is no nearer the horizon, and with it the much improved basic provision for visiting boaters. So let us up our game and grasp the opportunity provided by the Bonding Warehouse.

Tony Martin
(Chair, North Riding Branch (IWA)
By email

7 Responses to “Warehouse could provide facilities for boaters”


Jollyrodger  Says:

July, 30th 2012 at 07:55 pm

I feel sorry for Paul he does not deserve this after all his hard work.

Thank you - your complaint has been registered

Jollyrodger  Says:

July, 30th 2012 at 12:11 pm

You don't seem a very happy boater to me.
In my experience and I spend a lot a lot of time in York is that all the cleaners are courteous and polite and hard working given the conditions they work in everyone can have a bad day.
Both the male and female cleaners I have witnessed both working on there own and In teams are doing a fantastic job in my opinion.
Don't they deserve a cigarette after what they deal with on a day to day basis?
Have you ever considered that the cleaner might of been on his rest rest period and he chose to spend it in the museum gardens.
Why dont you give his job a try for a week before you decide to make coments like you have made.

Thank you - your complaint has been registered

happyboater  Says:

July, 30th 2012 at 08:48 am

In response to the coment by jolly roger.
I was not knocking the standards of cleaning in general or the Mitie cleaning staff.
I was stating about one particular day and one member of staff who was very rude and had not done what he was paid to and keep the toilets clean.
The other staff I encountered were completely the opposite.

Thank you - your complaint has been registered

Sharonz12  Says:

July, 30th 2012 at 07:17 am

I am not currently a member of the boating community but me and my hubby hope to be soon we are saving up as it is not a cheap pass time.
We have a couple of friends who are , and we try and get a copy of towpath talk whenever we can.
I agree with most of what has been said in the coments and this article is of particular interest to me as I live in York and work in the city centre.
I like to coment about the public toilets in general not just the ones at the museum gardens.
I travel into the city centre to work, I regularly have to use the toilets in the car park at clearance street.
These toilets are always spotlessly clean and the attendants pleasant and polite however I do not agree with the 40p charge for York residents we should at least get a discount if not free entry we pay extortionate council tax which pays for these faculties then we a charged to use them, it's just another form of tax through the back door from the council.
Sometimes I am caught short on my way home and have to use the free none attended toilets at exhibition square and it is not something that I would recommend to anyone except in emergencys.
Why don't bring in the system that's been used in most public toilets in pubs, restaurants, hotels and shops for years?
Have all the toilets checked and cleaned on an hourly basis signed off on a check sheet on the wall for all to see whith a contact number for the public to get in contact with the cleaning team if the is a problem with the toilets or they have been soiled at some point before there next hourly check which allow immediate reactive response from the cleaners.
That way there would be no problems and no complaints and it would be of no extra cost to the council or tax payers as I have seen the cleaners driving arround in there vans so are already mobile so could easily be implemented with a little discipline.
I will be writing to the council with my sugestions both reduced entry for York residents and hourly checks and cleans and reactive cleaning and also the York press.

Thank you - your complaint has been registered

Jollyrodger  Says:

July, 30th 2012 at 06:17 am

I try to spend time in York whenever I get time to do so, as I like the city and there always tends to be a plenty full and varied amount going on.
I will be back in York next week for the mystery plays in the museum gardens.
I whole heartedly agree with the article and the other coments that there is a very distincted lack of facilities for boaters in York, especially considering its size and that it's main industry is tourism.
It is not just decent toilet facilities York is lacking it's riverside cafe, shower facilities etc.
The previous coment about the toilet block, I have a few things to say about that.
For the size of the city there is only one 24 hr toilet for use of us boaters, my experience is that it is generally clean and tidy if not out dated, the main toilet blocks are a different story.
I have seen them been cleaned on a night usually be a male and female team of cleaners in a silver van.
They work under impossible circumstances due to lack of investment from the council to bring its toilets out of the dark ages and the drug addicts and alcoholics who seem to find an attraction for these smelly toilets.
There is always a very strong odour of stale urine that turns your nose but I believe this is the ancient toilets, plumbing and lack of investment by the council not the standard of cleaning.
Give these cleaners a break and give them some respect they work hard to keep the toilets clean and tidy under the worst of circumstance and probably for a very little money.

Thank you - your complaint has been registered

happyboater  Says:

July, 27th 2012 at 11:14 am

I have been back in York over past few days and I have to say someone at York city council or Mitie must have responded to my concerns over the toilets.
I have to say the experience for me and my son was far more pleasurable this time arround.
The toilets were clean and the young girl cleaner was very helpfully polite she even assisted me in getting a key for the boaters toilet and was on her hands and knees scrubbing the floors to get rid of the ingrained.
I must of got a bad day the last time and mistakenly judged all of the council and Mitie cleaner on the basis of the rude and arrogant Mitie man cleaner I unfortunate was to come into contact. With.
Keep up the standards as they are at the moment well done council and Mitie for bringing them back up to a reaasonable standard.
Keep up the good work girls.

Thank you - your complaint has been registered

happyboater  Says:

July, 17th 2012 at 07:32 am

I agree for the size of the city and its excellent river, the facilities are very poor for us boaters.
A new development would be very welcomed and would probably boost income from the boating community.
The present facilities are outdated, run down and disgustingly dirty and smelly.
As for the private contractor Mitie who supposedly paid by York City council to clean the toilets, they should try cleaning them rather than sitting on the river bank smoking and making bore litter by discarding cigarette ends on the towpath and pavement.
I was in York last week and it led me to write a letter of complaint to york council, i cemented to the private cleaner about his littering and he was very rude after he had gone i needed to pay a visit to the toilet, what a sight bins overflowing, dirty floors and no toilet paper.
Come on someone invest in this venture as the council cannot police there over paid monkey contractors.

Thank you - your complaint has been registered


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